Closures, Steel and Spouts

Closures, steel and spouts are part of our DNA at Con-Tech. For almost forty years, Con-Tech has provided the drum industry with reliable, cost-effective security through a wide variety ofproducts, parts and closuresessential to the production of bothopen and closed head drums。我們在製造,修複,回收和轉售工業容器中使用180個全球網站提供多國。我們還銷售給眾多國內生產商,完整的新型冷軋鋼桶。

Steel and Recycled Plastic Drums are reused several times to avoid more waste.

Steel drum closures are devicesused to seal 55-gallon steel drums in order to protect the contents against air, dirt, liquid and other contaminants during transportation and storage. Steel drum closures also maintain the shelf life of the contents and provide a means of reclosing and reusing the steel drum. The 55-gallon container closures are covered with cap seals to prevent tampering and further protect the contents.

Con-Tech offers a wide variety of 55-gallon container closures, drum parts, and accessories for steel drums including drum cap seals, steel drum nuts and bolts, steel drum metal ring accessories, nylon drum plugs, and plastic drum plugs, drum plug gaskets, leak lock plugs, drum paint caps, and drum cap seal crimping tools. Con-Tech drum cap seals are printable with your own logo, while a complete assortment of open head drum rings and bolts is also available. Likewise, our 55-gallon steel drum bolts, nuts, lugs, and latches offer reliable cost-effective security for all of your 55-gallon steel drums.

Con-Tech also has been proud to provide the steel drum industry with an extensive range of steel circle blanks from a variety of world-class steel circle blank suppliers all over the world, many of whom are ISO certified, as well as varied domestic steel suppliers and blanking facilities. These mills have been chosen as suppliers based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere.

In addition, our cold rolled sheet steel is provided to the steel drum industry by various, domestic and foreign world-class steel producers, many of whom are ISO certified. These mills have been chosen as suppliers based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere.

This is an important role in today’s world as Steel drums are an essential American industry for which buyers carefully assess every detail. Steel drums in various sizes and configurations have many practical uses in industry. They also have been used in many other ways including as housing supports, musical instruments, rain barrels and barbeque drums.

Steel Drums Essential in Today’s World

Steel drums have either open or closed, welded heads, and are commonly available in the United States in the 55-gallon steel drum size. Closed-head steel drums are used for shipment, and storage liquids like chemicals and petroleum, as they cannot easily be filled with or dispense powdered items, while open head steel drums have more versatility.


Reconditioned Drums Vital Now Too

We have long served the vital reconditioned drum sector. Industry sources have long recognized that emptied steel drums can be reconditioned or recycled many times over, making thememinently sustainable.

AnEPA publication認識到“修複鋼桶的益處相當可觀。新鼓的成本近20美元,再修複的是12美元。因此,在有數千個鼓的廢物處理部位,潛在的填海價值可能是顯著的。此外,填海層將有助於緩解一個全國性的後悔能夠的18個小音鼓短缺。“

Drum Industry Strictly Regulated

使用正確的鼓閉包和配件critical as the area is strictly regulated. Organizations of manufacturers of reconditioned and new steel, plastic, and fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers, work hard on their members’ compliance. Manufacturers of new industrial packaging and their North American suppliers do the same while emphasizing the importance of safety and reliability.


DEF Spouts and Small Container Parts

A newer part of our business is our service to the小容器印第安納州ustry。Con-Tech provides Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Spouts, which improve dispensing time for DEF additives and eliminates the need for vented jugs. Con-Tech’s small container DEF spouts bring the small container industry many significant features including easy attachment to the bottleneck, smooth fluid flow, no leaks or spillage during dispensing and availability in different colors.

Standard, Vented and Collapsible DEF Spouts Available

Con-Tech DEF spouts are offered in standard, vented or collapsible DEF spout versions. Con-Tech DEF spouts can be used to dispense DEF typically from 1-gallon, 2-gallon, 2.5-gallon, and 5-gallon jugs and are available in 38mm, 45mm, and 63mm sizes.

Con-Tech回應了Def Marketplace的需求,開始提供Def Spouts。Def是合成,高純度,汽車級尿素和去離子水的混合物。Def是透明的,無毒,不易燃,非爆炸性,並且通常是無危害的。

DEF was developed after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to require lower emissions in response to the major amendments to the Clean Air Act. In 2008, the EPA mandated all three-quarter-ton and larger trucks have diesel particulate filters installed. Then in 2010, the EPA required that medium and heavy-duty vehicles reduce engine emissions. Significantly, this EPA ruling required diesel engines to use DEF to reduce harmful emissions and satisfy the mandates of the Clean Air Act. Thus, a strong new DEF market was created in the United States.

DEF is safe to handle but should be stored in clean, well-ventilated areas away from direct sun. DEF can access single and bulk use dispensers as well as with DEF pumps in some locations. The DEF should meet ISO purity standards to ensure it meets the goal of protecting the environment.

As diesel engine trucks required DEF fluid on an ongoing basis, commercial fuel services outlets throughout the country began to sell DEF in jugs. When the need for different size jugs emerged, a market for DEF spouts was born. Recent market surveys and industry leaders indicate that the DEF spout and accessories market will continue to grow in the next five years. Con-Tech is excited to be working with suppliers and consumers of this growing market.

Did You Know?


In fact,Con-Tech founderRobert G. Evans Jr. descended from a long line of coopers. His Great Uncle Charles Evans was president of Chickasaw Barrel Company in New Orleans, where Robbie’s grandfather started as a cooper. He then converted his backyard stables into his own cooperage, where he purchased and repaired secondhand wooden barrels collected by wagon. Robbie’s dad worked there, at Chickasaw, and then formed Evans Cooperage Company. There Robbie, his twin brother, and his sister learned about manufacturing,reconditioningand filling steel drums. From the age of twelve, Robbie assumed various tasks at Evans, where he rose to the position of Vice President, eventually serving at Evans locations in Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri. Robbie graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management in 1976 and founded Con-Tech International in 1983.